1. Edmonton City Hall Recognition

    For my contribution to the Reactive Healing app, as part of the Bridge Healing Transitional Accommodation Program, I was invited to attend Council Recognition during the April 25, 2023 City Hall Council meeting.

  2. Graduated from Nait with honours

    After attending Nait's DMIT program for 5 years, I finally graduated in 2014 with honours.

    View the Nait DMIT program
  3. Got on the Dean's Honour Roll 9 times

    While attending Nait in Edmonton, Alberta I managed to consistently get on the Dean's Honour Roll. An award given to students who, "achieve a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while enrolled in 24 or more units of course weight." University of Alberta, 2020.

    View Alberta University's science-specific awards
  4. Bought my first computer

    Using multiple of my first pay cheques working at Sobeys, I was able to buy my first custom built desktop computer, quick I use to this day.

  5. Graduated high school

    I graduated with a certificate of completion from the Wetaskiwin Composite High School.

    View the Wetaskiwin Composite High School website
  6. GOALS program Student of the Year

    A plaque given by the Wetaskiwin Composite High School GOALS program instructor.

  7. GOALS program Certificate of Merit

    A certificate given in recognition of the greatest growth in the Wetaskiwin Composite High School Personal Program Plan.

  8. Gingerbread & Glitter 1st place

    I created dozens of gingerbread people for our church gingerbread house in the 2008 Gingerbread & Glitter competition. A yearly contest in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada where the public votes on their favorite gingerbread houses.

A forested cliff in Athabasca Falls.